Two Songs
by Jimmy Banks

"Dusty Raven"

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"Love Song For Sale"

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Recorded in Nashville Tennessee with...

Jimmy Banks - vocal

Joe Osborn - bass

Kenny Malone - drums

Bobby Thompson - rhythm guitar

Randy Goodrum - keyboard

Reggie Young - lead guitar

These are "band tracks" with original vocal and instruments, although there were a few overdubs
of drums, guitar, keyboard.  This was the most amazing band I've ever played with.  I sang the song
for them with my guitar, they wrote their charts, and what you hear is the result of two or three takes,
maybe three hours' work one evening.  This was a songwriter's dream band, it was like driving my
old man's Cadillac.  Separately and together they've played on hundreds of number one hits
with hundreds of artists.  Thanks to Gayle Hill for putting the band together and thanks to
those guys for playing for free "on spec".  Wish we could have finished the project,
the band thought it was a hit, but it's still a great memento of my Nashville days.


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