"If we are not one with our shmoe-ness, then we cannot be truly human. For the man who is embarassed to celebrate his shame, is the man who is cursed to live the life of a thousand deaths. Laughter is the great amnesia which frees us, not from responsibility, but from the egoism of suffering. There are no heroes, but idiots, fools & shmoes."

~~the Upanishmoes

Here's some links to our mates & some other stuff you might find interesting:


The Tokens

"Well, put simply, they are five men who would like nothing better than a well-stocked green room, a hotel with a jacuzzi and plenty of hot coffee. Then again, aren't we all Tokens?"

Seattle Art Museum -- Hammering Man

The inspiration for our own "Hammered Man".


The Llahngaelhyn Coffeehouse

Another historical gathering place for many musicians who frequented the Pamir House.


Alice Stuart

This is one musician we really hope you'll go out & support, a local icon who is known in the national scene, & who continues to pave the way for righteous women who play the blues.


Arcola Records -- Traditional Jazz & Blues

A local label founded by musician & musicologist Bob West, featuring rare recordings made on location in Memphis & St. Louis in the sixties & seventies of such players as Bukka White & Furry Lewis.


The Jelly Rollers

A very talented blues group that will rattle your filings & knock your socks off. These guys are our mates, they're hard workin boys, we hope you'll go check out one of their shows soon.


The Beetles -- Harvey Swanson

A 21st Century Artist's Collective, featuring many MP3's, including Bourbon & the Rossis, as well as many of Harvey's great folk songs.


Peacepipe TV -- David Velasquez

Check out the revolving collection of streaming audio & video, including performances by Jim Page, Dan & Sky (formerly of Bourbon), Daddy Treetops, Harvey Swanson, Coleman Brown, & Don Glenn.


Seattle Peace Concerts -- Don Glenn

The Seattle Peace Concerts have become a Seattle summer institution. Come visit the schedule & see who's playing this Sunday at a park near you. There's also bios about all the groups that have played the concerts in recent years. Don't forget to attend the fund-raisers in the off-season, so we can keep bringing you this incredible free concert series.


Blue Moon Tavern -- a history

Come learn more about the history of this ecclectic watering-hole, with an in depth history written by our own Gustav Hellthaler (aka Joe Shmoe).


Mi Casa -- Superschmoe's home page

Learn more about the other musical projects in her Pandora's Box.


Archtop Guitars

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a guitar, or just want to drool over some beautiful instruments, this the website to visit.


Last, but not least, in the category of shameless self-promotion, below you will find links to some of our various "day jobs".


AAA Air Care Systems

Shuttle Bike USA

Steiff Teddy Bears

Plurality Language sells Pimsleur

Madam Alexander Dolls













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