"Try to imagine, if you can, the bliss of singing in the shower
 combined with the comaraderie of the campfire...
add beer and you have The Shmoes."
                                                                                                          -Dan Rather

Princess Shmoe has created a MySpace site for us, so there are ongoing updates from the band and various friends of the band there.  Check in on our MySpace profile here.  So far we have 525 friends and three enemies who have formed a band called "The Shmoes Suck". 
Peace unto them and their mothers and sisters too.

This stuff below is old news, but if you ain't read it it's new news, right?


The week of April 15th-21st saw the celebration and adulation of the historic Blue Moon Tavern by long-time regulars, old-time friends as it celebrated its 70th birthday in style. The bar even earned mention by local media for its status as a living legend and reputation as a counter-culture watering hole.

Among the festivies were performances by the Shmoes, the Owl & Thistle Band, Brian Nova & Billet Deux, & appearances by author Walt Crowley (executive editor who released an updated version of his book FOREVER BLUE MOON & Greg Hischak, a former Pym's Cup award winner & editor of Farm Pulp Magazine.

Can't wait to see what the 80th will be like. Thanks to all who participated & appreciated.




Just in case there is any doubt whatsoever, Shmoe fans are hard core.  Case in point?  This photo of Charlie Russell taken at the summit of Mount (friggin!) Kilimanjaro wearing his Shmoes T-shirt in sub-zero temperatures at 19,340 feet altitude proves it.  Our fans will go farther and crazier than any other fans out there.  We dare you to prove us wrong!  Mountain Man isn't even wearing gloves or a hat!




by Wade Hylebos
Goode Riddance Newspapers

SEATTLE--Seattle music fans are in a state of shock and outrage that a local band has been cloned by a renegade geneticist at the University of Washington health science laboratories. Dr. Jack Oram, Nobel candidate and widely renowned genius in the field of genetic re-engineering, announced at a November 27 news conference that the "band was out of the bag", so to
speak, possibly in response to the Rome announcement by rival Dr. Severino Antinori that his cloned baby creation is due in January.
    An agitated, sweaty and animated Dr. Oram, in the glare the hot lights and in front of the cameras, protested that he intended to keep his experiment under wraps until the band he created had passed through puberty and had more than three chords in their repertoire.
    "I'm forced to make this revelation, partly because I'm running out of grant money," he said, "but my cloning of an entire band dwarfs the alleged achievement of some Italian phony who is notoriously untrustworthy and possibly mobbed up!" There were audible gasps among the Seattle press.
    Music fans are equally outraged, not only at Dr. Oram's ethnic insensitivity, but by his apparent lack of any musical taste whatsoever. Passing up the opportunity to clone such revered Seattle acts such as Nirvana, Heart, Jimi Hendrix or Stan Boreson, Oram instead chose an obscure and utterly talentless troupe known to their dozen or so fans as "The Shmoes", whose only publicized
performances have taken place at a notorious dump of a pub a few blocks from his laboratory--the Blue Moon Tavern.
    "I suppose, in retrospect, I could have chosen better genetic stock on the face of it, but look--Cobain and Hendricks managed to die at an early age, and the Heart girls are, to put it mildly, fat. At least most of The Shmoes are old, and they were willing and handy, so sue me," said the defensive but unapologetic doctor as he nervously puffed on a cigarette.
    The five Shmoes Clones are allegedly 12 years old, and living with their mother in Ballard, where they have a really big garage for practice space.  Reports are that their friends have shunned them because of a fondness for tunes such as "Brazil" and the "Beer Barrel Polka", and they've already been arrested for drinking really bad "lite" beer.
    When pressed by irate music fans about cloning a better band, Dr. Oram warned them, "Back off!  I have a DNA sample from the Monkees."












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